What She Wore During Fashion Week- Day Seven

The Bowery Hotel

Boo and hoo. It’s the last day of New York Fashion Week. MICHAEL KORS served up a very beachy vibe with pastel colors and palm tree prints. But the models were beat and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ young daughter sat on the front row like a cat, ready to show those tired bitches how to rock a runway. We’ll see babygirl next season, I’ll bet. Ran into my buddy Chris Rock in the lobby of the Bowery Hotel for KIMORA LEE‘s 11am show. Her beautiful pieces were presented on three platforms with only eleven models, including she and Russell’s oldest daughter, Ming. That was the biggest take-away from this week. Everybody had a kid on the runway!  JUICY COUTURE made a colorful comeback today. Mostly for the youngins. But there was a terry-cloth onesy with my name all over it. And finally MARC JACOBS was back out at the Park Avenue Armory. The show was silent. There was no music. Kinda dramatic, sure, but I wasn’t feeling it. He gave us nice turbans and headwraps but let’s talk serious, Marc. Really. Wassup with you???

That’s it, folks. NEW YORK FASHION WEEK is once again a memory. See ya next time. Smooches!

Winona is wearing Louis Vuitton


What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day Six


A late start today but ALICE + OLIVIA at 11am kicked my ass into gear. Young, excited kids will do that to you. The presentation was all over the place to me this season but the ode to the Chelsea Hotel was kinda fresh. At GABRIELA HEARST’s show at The Pool, her evening suits in particular were very nice, but the disco-sandal shoe choice was…odd. Kaia Gerber showed up on the runway for COACH. Lots of celeb kids—Lisa Rinna’s daughter, Amelia, and Jamie Foxx’s kid, Corinne—did shows this season. I’ll have to get in on this trend. How old is Suri Cruise now? But let’s talk about RALPH LAUREN. His show, in Bedford Mills, was set up inside of his tricked-out car garage. There were black leather banquettes, luxury sports cars and Kaia’s brother, Presley, on a coed runway swimming in plaid and leather and tulle. Pure RALPH. For dinner I sat next to a very hungry Diane Keaton. We wolfed down champagne, lobster salad and burgers and moaned over the winding down of another Fashion Week. 

Winona’s skirt is Ralph Lauren     Vintage Prince tank top is eoewearever

What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day Five

DAY 5.jpg

Sunday Night was all about Rihanna and FENTY PUMA. Athletic wear is really not my thing but I love the energy RiRi brings to the runway. Her final bow, on the back of a motorcycle, was precious! DENNIS BASSO at the Plaza Hotel on Monday morning was very Game of Thrones with fur flying everywhere while LELA ROSE’s garden party dresses at noon in Washington Square Park were the complete opposite. All lady-like and demure. Like always. Hauling ass back uptown, I indulged in a long lunch before the OSCAR DE LA RENTA show at Sotheby’s on York. Many in attendance seemed to flip out over the new look. And not in a good way. They’re just not ready to see his line evolve. The eveningwear was more traditional, though. And that seemed to chill things out. Dashing crosstown, TOME presented their collection in Chelsea with dancers and a relaxing combo of flute, drums and piano. I almost dozed off but there was loads of color and flow. Later, CAROLINA HERRERA at MOMA—a first!— was all about big skirts, puffy sleeves and even more color. The world could use some brightening up. What better way to start than with fashion, right? Day Six…

Winona is wearing Adeam    Handbag by Fendi

What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day Three


Started out on Saturday at 10am with SELF-PORTRAIT. Four of my girls were in the show, one was still drunk from the night before and another had a nasty bruise on her thigh. I see the need for disciplinary action. Asses will have to be spanked. JILL STUART was at 11:00 and TIBI way downtown at 2. Her powersuits brought back fun memories and although the monochromatic tops and bottoms were kinda Buffy-ish, I’d still rock ‘em. CHRISTIAN SIRIANO was at Chelsea Piers at 4pm. Leslie Jones, who I usually root for, decided to put on a show of her own. OK? But many of his pieces were worth all the noise. After chilling for a few hours, I hopped a bus for ALEXANDER WANG’s late-night traveling show. We finally ended up on a dead-end street in Brooklyn around midnight. I loved the presentation much more than the clothes but with crowds of on-lookers and both cops and bikers running security, it was a big ol’ mess. Hanging out with Kerry Washington at the #Wangfest after-party was fun, but my first show tomorrow morning is at 10am! Where’s my bed?? Day Five…

Winona is wearing Zeynep Arcay        Kerry Washington is wearing Monse         Handbag by Nita Suri

What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day Two


I stayed in the dressing area for the start of TORY BURCH’s 10am show in the gardens of Cooper Hewitt. It was a beautiful morning but three of my models looked a little rough after partying late last night. My advice was to pace themselves. It’s only day two. Had to dash out before the show ended for KATE SPADE at Grand Central Station. 11am was a little early for a marching band. But it’s her 25th anniversary. Everybody wake the fuck up! JASON WU presented his collection in Brooklyn at 1:00. So very pretty. And then another mad dash back into the city for CUSHNIE et OCHS at Skylight Clarkson. Not as sexy as past seasons. That might be a good thing. Or not. MONSE gave us more deconstruction at 5pm. Loved the fringy skirts especially. And finally BRANDON MAXWELL at the Doubles Club. It took forever but I finally remembered where I’d seen his vision before. At a photography exhibit of the old disco days at STUDIO 54. The tight jeans and pumps were practically mandatory for dolls like Cher and Diana Ross. But is it too soon to bring it back and call it retro? Day Three…

Leather coat inspired by Maticesvski    Handbag by Alexander Wang      Shoes by Calvin Klein

What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day One

Carolina Herrera.jpg

I had to shake off Desi’s foolishness and get Nova to her first show of the day. NOVIS was at 9am, down on 26th Street. I left her there and put in a couple of hours at the agency before lunch and the 3pm CREATURES OF COMFORT show in the Village on Washington Street. Are you ready for Little House on the Prairie meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? I wasn’t. ADAM SELMAN at Skylight Clarkson Square was very spring-y with big, blue irises on both the catwalk and the clothes. Hmmmm…. not a fan. At the CALVIN KLEIN show, 39th Street was brimming with celebs, Lupita, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mahershala Ali, and one of my favorite exes, Jeffery Dean Morgan. Our thing happened too long ago to concern anybody, least of all his wife. But Kaia Gerber! The highlight of the evening for me! She looked so much like mama Cindy Crawford on the runway, you’ll forget what decade it is. The fashions? Well, let’s just pretend that this season never happened, okay Raf? Day One down. Day Two…

Winona is wearing Carolina Herrera

I Can’t With Desi Pt. 6


Thursday morning. 7am. Desi’s vicious crack is still stinging but Fashion Week has begun and I’m in the car, waiting on Nova. I’ll see her to the first show today. After that she’s on her own. Suddenly, the red Ferrari roars up next to the towncar and blocks a lane of traffic in front of the hotel. Desi leaps out from the driver’s seat. I let my window down. “Why didn’t you tell me??” he shouts. “Why didn’t you tell me that Nova is a man!!” I never stop scrolling through the messages on my phone. Very cool and casual.“What difference does it make to you?” I ask. But he’s been duped, he’s been played, and somehow he’s blaming me. He reaches inside the window and slaps at my hands, knocking my phone away. “I don’t like getting a handful of cock when I reach between a woman’s legs! Okay??” 

It’s not the first time this crazy Spaniard has snapped on me. And of course he’ll apologize. He always does. But the son-of-a-bitch hurt my feelings. And this time only jewelry can make it better.

Winona is wearing Carolina Herrera

What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day 0


HEY NOW! Fashion Week doesn’t officially start until today but yesterday, URBAN ZEN, Donna Karan’s new label, pulled us into her multi-functional space down on Greenwich Street for a quick presentation. Casual, fluid, very drapey, her latest style vision is a lot like the old. You just know Donna when you see it and my little runway star, Nova—long, lanky, with all of that hair, well…she just nailed it! Tom Ford’s show last night was stocked with celebs and ultra-glam. But outside of his menswear-cut jackets—shoulders of death, lapels of LIFE—I just didn’t feel so fucking fabulous about it. Wanted to take a selfie with Chaka. I couldn’t get to her! But downtown at the China Chalet with Naomi C. and Tracee Ellis Ross for Pat McGrath’s Mothership ball, it was LIVE! Fashion Week is on, baby. Let’s do it! Day One…

Winona is wearing an URBAN ZEN leather kimono jacket. Her handbag is by Boyy.


NYFW September 2017

NYFW-Sept. 2017 INTRO

Winona is to FASHION WEEK what fireworks are to the 4th of July. The show might go on but without her it sure won’t be the same. Back in the day she was in such high demand on the catwalk that designers were known to adjust their show dates to work around her schedule. And now, as the agency owner with six of the fashion industry’s top models on her roster, they still do! Ah…it’s nice to be on top. But hard as hell to stay there.

She shows up on everyone’s web page and blog site during FASHION WEEK. Covering her fashion choices for the next seven days is just as important as anything happening on the runways. Stay tuned. What She Wore During Fashion Week starts now…


I Can’t With Desi Pt. 5


It’s New York Fashion Week-eve and I’m gazing out from the backseat of the town car as we inchity-inch up Sixth Avenue. There’s a nice dinner crowd at Monte’s. And look. There’s Desi. At a patio table near the railing. He’s with Nova. I look at my watch. It’s almost 10pm! I hop out and tell my driver to keep moving, I’ll catch up. Desi sees me coming towards them. But I focus on Nova. “What are you doing? Why aren’t you at home getting yourself together for tomorrow?” Desi is glaring at me. “Why are you tripping? She’s gorgeous tonight and she’ll be gorgeous in the morning. It doesn’t matter how late she stays out. That’s how it works when you’re twenty.” Then his smile grows wicked. “You remember, don’t you?” 

Winona is wearing Michael Kors

Pt. 6…