Here Comes (And Goes) The Judge – Repeat

Belle is getting married and the posse is thrilled! He’s got deep pockets and finally, Belle will get her life back on track. But then it becomes clear that her intended has no plans to share her with Winona, Desi and Lourdis. What will happen to the Fabulous Four?

From August, 2016

Episode 13

Here Comes (And Goes) The Judge 


The public service messages are a hit! A few minutes ago a jogger ran by and shouted—“I’m voting because of you!” Can you believe that? I’m just trying to do my part. So get up, get out, and VOTE like you mean it! And Miss Kamala. I love you, Sis, but give me a call after the election. Let’s go shopping for that White House wardrobe!

Winona’s is wearing vintage LANVIN


I was asked to participate in the “GET OUT AND VOTE” campaign for the city. So I took off my hat, fluffed my coif, and pulled out a few pieces I hadn’t had a chance to wear all year. Like this dinner dress by Robert Cavalli. God, I miss dressing up and going out.

So we’re putting the word out there. Understand what we’re up against. And don’t take it lightly. This is good versus evil, people. Get off your ass and vote!

NYFW September 2020 – Roundup

So. New York Fashion Week is over. Hardly a big success. Designers got twisted up just like everyone else, not knowing how to work under covid-19 health restrictions and if presenting a collection this season was even worth the trouble. Many said fuck it, threw up their hands and went on vacation. Smaller labels like AMEN, CINQ À and OQLIQ saw an almost empty playing field and a chance, at least virtually, to get more eyes on their brand. Kudos to them. But will we, as an industry, make a come back? In time I believe so. Absolutely. It won’t be the way it was pre-pandemic, though. You can count on that. Like ZAC POSEN and his very cool, very weird Central Park Draping Session, I’m rethinking my business focus. With 27 gorgeous models on the roster, there must be more that we can do. Until next time…SMOOCHES!

Hat by Lisa McFadden Millinery | Handbag by STAUD

NYFW September 2020 – Day Four

Do you recognize him? He’s a popular actor with a well-documented girlfriend. All up in my face while hiding behind a mask. And if that’s not messed up enough, Fashion Week has completely fallen apart. It’s great that lots of fresh talent got their shot, but several established designers who were scheduled to present simply didn’t. TOM FORD. All we get from a two-time Oscar-nominated director are a couple of slides? Really? In the meantime, BRONX & BANCO presented a full show to a small audience on the roof of SPRING STUDIOS. A slew of beautiful bodies in sexy, slinky pieces. There were at least twenty models on hand and I’m sending up prayers that no one falls ill. That wouldn’t look good for any of us. JONATHAN SIMKAI served up moody, fringy garments, mostly black and khaki with a little plaid. He was smart. He covered his ass with a video AND a slideshow. Way to go, Jon. Lemons to lemonade, baby!
The RoundUp…

Winona is wearing BALMAIN | Handbag by VALENTINO

NYFW September 2020 – Day Three

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Without the after-show parties and late night dinner events that usually go on during Fashion Week, I actually looked forward to coming home last night, opening a bottle of vino and watching more collection presentations online. I’m excited for the industry! But I’m scared, too. We’re watching the live fashion show die right in front of our eyes. MARINA MOSCONE produced a lovely short film on the creative process of her collection. And while COCHENG gave us sweet little garments in a traditional catwalk presentation, BEVZA got so deep into artsy fartsy movie mode that I forgot where I was. Is this Fashion Week? Or Sundance?

Did you catch The Met’s online convo with Iman, Naomi C. and Bethann Hardison last week? How much fun did they have talking about the days when catwalks were a fucking rainbow of diversity? Things are changing though. And not a moment too soon. I joined an online conversation with Caline Hiyakawa of the New York Times along with Jeremy Fellows of the Bullseye Agency, supermodel Tessa, makeup artist Rodney Parkerson, and hairstylist Jett Reynolds. They bitched and moaned for half an hour about the demise of live fashion and how screwed up everything is. WINONA, INC. is hurting, too. We’re all in that boat. But when I confessed how much I was enjoying the new online platform, baaa-by, you could’ve heard a cat pissing on cotton. Total silence.

At the end of our conversation, Caline asked us all to stand up and show what we were wearing below the camera. Ha! Jett was in pajama bottoms, Rodney had on an interesting pair of olive green khakis, Jeremy was in his usual cargo shorts and Tessa? Gucci thongs. But I anticipated the question and slipped into pearls and a hot CUSHNIE frock beforehand. They’ll never catch me off my game. Never ever. Day Four…

NYFW September 2020 – Day Two

Yesterday I spent a few hours online watching virtual presentations. ANNA SUI, using four models, was playful and doll-like. Just adorable. BADGLEY MISCHKA came through with just two models and a killer location. But the fashion? Meh. MONSE though. One model. One minute. But they gave it all to you in that one minute. Kudos! Leery, still, about exposing skin outdoors, I pulled a pair of leggings on under my suit and headed out to do an episode of THE TALKS with fashion journalist Tori Fremont. She grilled me, too. About everything! From my honorary degree to way-back-when bad girl moments. But those moments are so well documented. There’s no hiding from the past. Day Three…

Winona is wearing Oscar de la Renta | Handbag by Fendi

NYFW September 2020 – Day One

I called for the Town Car this morning because I have not one but two live video podcasts today. It’s a 4-day Fashion Week and we’re busy! My models? They’ve been working! Several did small film and virtual fashion presentations and I’m loving the new energy. There’s an extra layer of creativity now for designers to explore and many—like Macgraw—are having fun making quirky little movies to showcase their collections. Of course there’s still a handful of live shows. Jason Wu, for instance. But you know how things get super-cozy backstage with models, makeup stylists, hair stylists, dressers, pressers, assistants? Many of my kids just aren’t ready for that yet. And I’m not pushing them. Would you? Day Two…

Winona is wearing Alice+Olivia | Handbag by Jil Sander


It’s Fashion Week in New York City. And Winona’s favorite time of year. But due to Covid-19, the fashion industry—already in the midst of a major evolution—has been flipped inside out. Instead of being photographed everywhere, like usual, and cheering her models on the catwalk in the hottest shows, Winona has become a popular guest on virtual presentations and panels all over town. Her phone heated up a few weeks ago and she’s been busy— and loving it—ever since. It’s a brand new day in the world of fashion.



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