Met Gala 2023

The Met Gala last night was more glamorous than in recent years. It was high time, too. There’s been way too many costumes lately and not enough style. This years’ devotee was Karl Lagerfeld. The invitation read simply “For Karl” and everybody got the memo this time. There were loads of pearls, lots of drama and plenty of attitude all evening. I just happened to have a vintage 1997 Lagerfeld cocktail dress in my possession. With the cape of life! Wish I could remember how I got my hands on it, or when, but for this occasion I was certain that most everyone else would be draped in black and white so steel gray from head to toe was a standout. I think The Kaiser himself would’ve been pleased.


What She Wore During Fashion Week – February 2023

Several shows were held at Spring Studios on Monday but then Carolina Herrera took us to the Plaza Hotel where paparazzi caught me in the lobby, Coach pulled us to the Park Avenue Armory, Tory Burch drug us back downtown to the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank and LaQuan Smith had Teyana Taylor, Lil’ Nas and First Daughter Ashley Biden jammed into the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Plaza Monday night. Designers are scoping out their own spaces to present their collections in and I get it. I do. All of the alternate locations were yummy. But it was never cute, at least not to me, hauling ass from one side of town to the other. Not on the subway, a taxi or even in the back seat of a private car. We do it anyway, though. We just do it. But I’ll never stop missing the tents in Bryant Park. Never.

Winona is wearing PROENZA SCHOULER

What She Wore During Fashion Week – February 2023

Instead of watching the Superbowl, Belle and I headed down to Don Angie‘s restaurant in the Village on Sunday night. Brooke Shields threw an invitation-only dinner to cast some shine on her favorite clothing line, Dodiee Knitwear. It was fun catching up with jewelry designers Zani Gugelmann and Jennifer Fisher. And Miss Veronica Webb. Some of us gathered around phones to peek at Rihanna’s half-time performance while others ooohed and aaahed over the luscious pieces that Brooke, Dodiee’s founder Elisa Dahan and their models strolled around in during the cocktail hour. Winona, Inc. was in the house! Brooke’s people called the agency and booked three of my girls a week ago. They were happy to see me. Most of my kids dig it when I’m on set and watching them work. They be werkin it, too.

Winona is wearing PRADA. Belle is wearing SERGIO HUDSON

Fashion Week Continues…

What She Wore During Fashion Week – February 2023

Desi was my plus-1 for Saks Fifth Avenue’s party at the Jazz Club. Emma Roberts is the face of their spring campaign and played hostess for the event. There were some interesting bananas on set. Fashion designers and drag queens rubbing bellies with Gettys and Hiltons. But what else is new, right? The obligatory champagne tower was on full display and very impressive but Desi has been on a red wine kick lately. And I always, always order from the bar. Cheers!

Winona is wearing AREA. Desi is wearing CANALI.

Fashion Week Continues…

What She Wore During Fashion Week – February 2023

It was a little chilly Thursday night for the Christian Siriano show at Gotham Hall. Lindsay Lohan was riding the front row and she looked great. The red hair was popping. And Quinta Brunson was absolutely adorable serving up lots of cleavage in a little black dress and chapeau. Very parlez-vous. I’d been running all day and never had a minute to switch gears or even change my drag for the evening presentation. But that’s Fashion Week at Winona, Inc. All day long I shuffled my kids around town getting them onto the catwalks they’d been assigned to. On time! I had to stomp out a lot of fires. Good thing I wore the boots to do it!

Winona is wearing Alaia. Boots by Gianvito Rossi. Bag by Bottega Veneta.

Fashion Week Continues…

What She Wore During Fashion Week – February 2023

Another Fashion Week has jumped all over NYC and I am ready for it! Between the runway presentations, live streaming, private appointments and pop-up every-thang it’s like one long happy meal for me. Late night parties and one soiree after the next will keep us all on our toes day and night. Can you hang with your girl? Well come on then…

Fashion Week continues—


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What She Wore During Fashion Week – Part Three

Something’s up. I’m not sure what exactly because Anna is being Anna and not saying much but after a full day of Carolina Herrera, Coach, Frederick Anderson and Ashlyn, last night’s VOGUE WORLD closed down 13th street and ushered in a different type of fashion show experience. It was the culmination of what’s been happening these last few years on the runway. Street vendors selling food, live musicians, dancers, theatrics galore, it was fun but my beef continues. The fashion at these events seem almost secondary. And isn’t that why we’re here?

They asked me to walk with the many has-been supermodels strutting their dusty old stuff but you know what? I declined because those days are over for me I think. It’s gonna take a lot more than Erykah Badu (looking very cool btw), Baryshnikov (who appears to be shrinking), Lil Nas X and bikers doing wheelies to get me back on the catwalk.

Something tells me that this is the future of New York Fashion Week. Please excuse me while I dry my hot and bitter tears.

Winona is wearing Sergio Hudson

Hat by Lisa McFadden Millinery

What She Wore During Fashion Week – Part 2

The casting director from Jason Wu selected Winona, Inc.’s hippiest models. I noticed that and then I saw why. On Friday at Pier 17, he featured slinky dresses, gowns and satin-y trousers that took me back to the glory days of Calvin and Donna, when we’d strut the runway with long legs and mad swivel hips. Those girls were slinging it from left to right!

I got that same vibe from Sergio Hudson on Saturday. His collection was more fun with bright colors and big graphics but the women, all shapes and sizes, were all woman. Not clumping around like zombies. I am so sick of that. Aren’t you? It was good to see Chanel Iman back on the runway. After the show she asked if I’d been arrested lately! Yeah. She’s got jokes too.

Hardly recognized Madonna at Marni’s presentation last night. Perched on stools under the dank-ass Manhattan bridge, my only question was are we trolls now? I’m not trying to be part of the experience, especially after his show in February. Oh yeah. I heard about the dirty warehouse with no seating. My models adored it of course and came back raving. It’s all about the mood and I get that. But hanging out under a bridge? I’m never in the mood for that. Later—

Winona is wearing Alaia

What She Wore During Fashion Week – PreGame

It’s my favorite time of year once again. New York Fashion Week! And The Apple is coming back, baby! I still wear a mask but many don’t anymore. That’s just how it is.

The pre-activities started up in Harlem with the Fashion Row’s annual show on Tuesday evening. Sergio Hudson was chosen Designer of the Year, Issa Rae won the Virgil Abloh Award and Janet Jackson was named Icon of the Year but she did the after-party only. With big hair and an even bigger tutu. I wonder how much distraction she would have caused if she’d actually attended the fashion show?

Christian Sirianos presentation on Wednesday called for a late coffee. Showing at Elizabeth Taylor’s former townhouse on West 56th, it was loaded with back-in-the-day glamour. Like watching an old black and white movie. Coming down that exquisite sweep of a staircase in hats, gloves, heels and lots of big draping, there wasn’t a wobble from any of my girls. Others had us on the edge of our seats, though. Yikes! Janet showed up. Coco Rocha too. In full gear.

It was at the Monse show on Thursday that news of QEII taking her final bow spread through the crowd. Everybody was buzzing but it was halfway through the presentation when I thought about Charles and Camilla and started giggling. Remember when she was the side piece? Well now she’s a queen.

Life. It’s a bitch, ain’t it? I’ll see you tomorrow!

Winona is wearing Alice + Olivia