What’s A Little Blackmail Amongst Friends? (repeat)

Fashion designer Tom Ford wants Lourdis on the catwalk for his New York Fashion Week presentation. And Winona does too. Why? Because not only would it be a supercool thing for her bestie to do but it would also help to gain Winona an entree onto one of the most exclusive museum boards in town. But the Rockstar Goddess refuses. And Winona realizes that playing dirty is the only way to get the job done.

What’s A Little Blackmail Amongst Friends?

Met Gala 2019

Another Met Gala. 2019. This one is campy-fabulous! In theme, on point and wearing a very special hat for tonight’s extreme over-the-topness, Winona’s favorite party of the year finds her dotted to the max and grappling with an invitation from Riccardo to take their relationship to the next level.

The Met Gala last night was so extra! The theme was Camp! Don’t you love it? My beautiful milliner, Lisa McFadden of LISAMCFADDENMILLINERY, proclaiming me as her muse, requests that I model the headpiece, Bird of Paradise, created ESPECIALLY for the gala! I took one look at Lisa’s sketches and memories of DYNASTY came rushing in. You wanna talk CAMP?? Shoulder pads out to there! Serious head-to-toe en-soms! Of course I may have taken my dot theme a little overboard but—it’s CAMP, darling! There IS no overboard.

I meet Lisa at her uptown studio for the first fitting. She’s on the board of the Milliners Guild and this year, the Guild has been invited by the Metropolitan Museum Mezzanine Gallery to hook into the gala theme and create campy new hats for their display. I love coming to Lisa’s studio. She’s a mellow spirit. Uber-chilled. Just the vibe I need today to get away from life’s little kinks. The latest? It’s personal. It’s Riccardo. He wants to take things to the next level. “Sell your condo,” he says. ”Come live with me.”

Hats by LisaMcFaddenMillinery. Winona is trying on HOLLY. On the table are PAINTERLY and GABRIELLE. Lisa is holding a leopard version of the GALAXY fascinator. On stand is a custom bridal cloche and on the shelf is her ROSE HAT.

Being back with Riccardo these last several months have been quite an adjustment for your girl. I do adore him. No doubt about it. But I’ve already given up so much. Now I’m expected to give up my crib? That’s straight-up lunacy. And let me tell you why. I’ve been in this building now for almost ten years. I’ve got every sucker in here crystal clear on what subjects we will and will not discuss in the elevator, the mailroom, and the lobby. My condo, a five room unit overlooking Central Park, has been put together inch-by-inch to suit me. Moi. Sell it? Coveted real estate? Considered one of the sweetest spots on the entire East Coast? “Are you outta your freakin’ mind?”

At Lisa’s studio for the second fitting, she’s double-checking measurements and I’m spilling my tea. Both Desi and Belle are in my head. Desi says don’t do it. “You stay with him when you want and when you’re ready, you roll out. You’ve got the best of both worlds.” But Belle says to go for it. “He’s bringing lots and lots to the table. I wouldn’t let that slip by me, again, if I were you.” They’re both reading it from their own POV’s, of course. Desi gets around but he still has to go home to Truman every night. And Belle would give a pinkie toe to move in with a man, any man, and get out of her mother’s house. I ask Lisa what she thinks. “In the end, you have to do what’s right for you,” she says. “And only you know what that is.”

We look great, don’t we? Along with my fabu hat and dots up the whazoo, you see the satisfied face of a woman who has decided to go with the age-old custom of stringing her man along. “Of course I’ll move in with you, darling,” I say to Riccardo. “Someday.” And guess what? He’s cool with that. Sometimes you’ve just gotta bullshit them. And they know you’re bullshitting them. But it’s okay. Tonight is all about this pink carpet, baby! Gaga! Thee Billy Porter! Lupita! Katy Perry! Cardi B! Miss Celine! Janelle! You knew the children were gonna turn it out and a lot of them did. Surprisingly, I seem to be the only one in dots. And THAT’S a relief! But RuPaul, who put the amp in camp, elected NOT to do drag. Which was a big drag. And key players, Sarah Jessica and Rihanna, in particular, were mysteriously MIA. Gotta get the scoop on that! But another Gala. Done. ‘Til next time, dolls. SMOOCHES—

The Day Has Arrived!

One peek at the hat, designed by Lisa McFadden of lmmillinery, and memories of Alexis Carrington, Dominique Devereaux and DYNASTY came flooding back. The theme is CAMP? Who served up more camp than that! Get the full reveal after tonight’s MetGala.

Just a Little Tease…


What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Seven + One


Wassup wassup??! Me and Thee Billy Porter twinning in matching blouses! I dared him to take a pic with me. Only because I knew he would. At the MICHAEL KORS show, it was a disco kinda morning. Almost overwhelming at times. I caught glimpses of classic Kors here and there but way too often there were too many patterns and pieces all at once. The front row was lit, as always, with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Kerry Washington, Priyanka, Olivia Wilde, Regina King and Billy Porter squeezed in with Kate Hudson and the regulars. Barry Manilow and Patti Hansen closed it out with a sing-along. And that’s when I bounced. BOSS gave us super clean, minimalist lines. A mature palette and bold patterns, especially for men. Wider pant legs, too. Happy to see that. I never cared for tight trousers on guys. There was lots of big drama at the Park Avenue Armory with MARC JACOBS. A scaled down audience and fewer pieces. Beautifully constructed, his full, wide dresses and coats sported crinolines underneath. The best I’ve seen from Marc in a while. Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry W. and Rita Ora were on the front row. Sofia Coppola too. And seeing Christy Turlington was a treat. It’s been a few minutes since she’s graced a runway. So. That’s it, dolls. Another Fashion Week—done! It’s back to the grind cuz the hustle never stops. SMOOCHES!

Winona is wearing MATICEVSKI                                                                   Handbag is by BOYY

What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Seven


Tuesday was another cold, wet one but GABRIELA HEARST‘s show gave us warmth with comfy pieces in luscious knits and cozy cashmere. She’s an eco-nerd, all about the re-purposing, and post-show I grabbed a few of the cashmere seat pillows, made from leftover fabric, she offered as takeaways. CHRISTIAN COWAN’s theatrical makeup was a hint of what was in store for us on his runway. Showgirl feathers and sequins on sweats, his brand was built on dressing performers. Hard to move away from.  But you can try. COACH, down on Wall St., was coed but with pants, dress, skirt, vest, coat, scarf, all on one model, there was so much to see, you end up not seeing anything at all. But Michael B. Jordan is a cutie. I saw him just fine. CYNTHIA ROWLEY hasn’t done a runway show in a minute. Gathered around the pool at the London Terrace in Chelsea, there were florals and fruit patterns and flowy frocks with a 60’s springtime vibe. Totally out of season.  OSCAR DE LA RENTA. What can you say? Great, classic pieces, beautiful fabrics, elegance, sophistication, what’s not to love? Some of the evening wear seemed rehashed from decades past but all in all, a strong show. Paris Hilton took about a million shots but the wet ring around her shoes ruined every single one. That would’ve never happened to her just a few years ago. You lose your place real fast in this town. Day Seven + One…

Winona is wearing GARETH PUGH