Day 1

Winona is to Fashion Week what fireworks are to the 4th of July. The show might go on but it sure wouldn’t be the same. Back in the day she was in such high demand on the catwalk that designers were known to adjust their show date to accommodate her schedule. And now, as an agency owner with six of the fashion industry’s top models on her roster, they still do! Ah…it’s nice to be back on top. But hard as hell to stay there.

She shows up on everyone’s web page and blog site during FASHION WEEK. Watching her every move is somebody’s job. Isn’t it obvious?

Vogue page

Winona for VOGUE outside Lincoln Center on the opening day of FASHION WEEK SPRING 2014. She is wearing Donna Karan. ‘Soft Ricky’ handbag by Ralph Lauren. Shoe by the artist. Day 2…


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