The Creators


Edwina Owens Elliott and Danita Carter are two very cool chicks from Chicago, IL. Working together they co-crafted WINONA, INC. as a graphic novel concept in 2009. Danita, a published author of several fictional works, wrote the story while Edwina, an art director and graphic designer, created the illustrations. When WINONA, INC. debuted online in April 2013, Edwina, with Danita’s blessing, became both writer and illustrator. Edwina’s goal is simple. Bringing ex-Supermodel Winona Warner and her life of glamour, fashion and celebrity to the world of ANIMATION! Can you see it? A series on HBO? Maybe streaming on NETFLIX? APPLE TV? Or an anything-goes web series? Either choice would be fab but to make it happen, Edwina needs your support. Let’s get the word out there and create BIG buzz. Want to know more about Edwina? Click here and here. And in the meantime, enjoy WINONA, INC., the online illustrated series. And please share it with all of your fashion-loving friends. Remember, the bigger the audience, the louder the buzz.

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