The Creators


Edwina Owens Elliott and Danita Carter are two very cool chicks from Chicago, IL. Working together they co-crafted WINONA, INC. Edwina has since taken over both the writing and the illustration duties for the online series with hopes that Danita will come back on board later. Their goal is simple. To land a production deal. Danita likes the idea of a full-length film while Edwina thinks that an animated series on HBO, streaming on NETFLIX or APPLE TV, or an anything-goes web series would be fun, too! Either way, the ladies need your support in getting the word out and creating big buzz. You can find out more about Danita here and here and Edwina here and here. In the meantime, enjoy WINONA, INC., the online illustrated series. And please share it with all of your fashion-loving friends. The bigger the audience, the louder the buzz.

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