A Summer of Festivals

WINONA, INC. – The Book has made the rounds this Spring and Summer of 2018—

Me and Winona.jpg

We were in Castleberry Hill in May.


CREATIVE CON 6-7-2018.jpg

I got my hair cut and added a streak before attending Creative Con in June.



We did the Atlanta African American Book Festival at Georgia State University in July. They LOVED the little video I put together…


NBCC 2018 copy

…and the National Book Club Conference in August. We were sponsored by Atlanta’s MEDU bookstore. 



This past weekend was the Big Daddy of them all—The AJC-Decatur Book Festival presented by Emory University.


DBF collage.jpg

The AJC-DBF is the largest independent book festival in the country and I was a scheduled speaker on Sunday followed by a personal one-on-one book signing. Joined by my stepdaughter and most able assistant, Yolanda, who took pics, shot the viddy, passed out books to customers and kept the WINONA, INC. pile nice and neat, I asked myself a million times, “what would I do without her??”



My peeps who attended said that I did well. And that’s good because in spite of practice, I still went blank at the podium a few times and was forced to wing it. I’m good at winging it, though. 😉 It helps to know your subject matter and, I know Winona. Backwards, forwards and sideways. Someone always asks if Winona is me. I tell them no, no, hell no. I don’t have the nerve to do the things that she does!!

As always, I thank all of you for your encouragement and support. Here’s to a HAPPY SEPTEMBER, a wonderful Autumn, and a lot more WINONA, INC.! A brand new episode begins TOMORROW—WHAT’S A LITTLE BLACKMAIL AMONGST FRIENDS?— celebrating the return of resident rock-goddess Lourdis, followed by seven days of total fabulousness during NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. So grab your wig and LET’S GO!

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