What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Six

New York Fashion Week - Street Style - Day 1

The OLSEN twins in Tribeca at 9am challenged me Monday morning. But it was worth it. Jackets and coats, nipped in at the waist were like butta, baby. So far, the finest craftsmanship I’ve seen on the runway this season. I shit you not. And the coffee? Super-delish as always. At the CAROLINE HERRERA show, she sat front row again, dressed in a lovely suit, representing what her line used to be. On the catwalk? The look was looser, less constructed, but still Herrera. LELA ROSE’s doggy presentation was cute, tying in with the big dog show going on down at the Garden. But let’s focus on the fashion, shall we? Pretty dresses and suits, it’s ladies-who-don’t-mind-being-ladies wear. Now. I’m not big on the new “presentation” style of fashion show. But ALICE + OLIVIA’s Stacey Bendet really outdid herself! The scenes she created were fantastic and the fashions bold and sexy. Gotta give it to her. PROENZA SCHOULER at the new Hudson Yards tower served up big, strong looks for big, strong girls. Smart trenches, leather and moleskin, it was a solid comeback from last seasons’ denim trainwreck. And at ANNA SUI, there were wacky wigs, electric colors and brocade trimmed in ostrich feathers, taking a 60’s cue, but less Goldie Hawn and more Phyllis Diller. Google her. You’ll get it. It was a riot! Someone should’ve called the police. Day Seven…

Winona is wearing DURO OLOWU                                   Hat by LISAMCFADDENMILLINERY

What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Five

R & A

Sunday morning, I bumped into Priyanka down in Soho. Marriage seems to agree with her. Could she be more stunning?  On the catwalk, ROMEO HUNTE’s show left me cold. Even with so many male torsos on display. Three of which belong to me. All of my models are booked this week. Every single one.  TORY BURCH was at Pier 17 with Zoe Saldana, Naomi Watts, and Mindy Kaling on the front row. A whole lotta busy-ness. Florals and plaids and little knit jackets and a funky boot that tied absolutely none of it together. DION LEE on the other hand served up some interesting corset work.  His coats and transparent wrappers were très très chic. A soft color palette with lots of black and white. PRABAL GURUNG’s coed show was comic-book colorful with lots of hot pinks and turquoise. Blacks and whites too. Patterns. Plaids. Houndstooth. Like going to a circus. Just not in a good way. And LAQUAN SMITH‘s evolution continues. Maybe it’s the inclusion of menswear? Still hyper-sexy, he’s introducing plaids and moving into semi-serious daywear for women now. I think I like it. Day Six…

Winona is wearing RIANNA + NINA

What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Four


Day Four started with ADEAM’s presentation at Spring Studios. Not a whole lot stood out for me there. A long denim wrap skirt. Coats with the extra-extra-wide lapels. After that it’s all a blur. CHRISTIAN SIRIANO at Rockerfeller Center was hit and miss, too. More misses than hits. But the diversity on so many runways this season has everything to do with him so he gets a pass. This season. I hauled ass across town for JONATHAN SIMKHAI show at Industria studio. His presentation of lace, denim and long satiny slip dresses over soft, plaid trousers was an interesting combo. And Mr. BRANDON MAXWELL. He’s got his mind right after last season’s west Texas hoedown show. The presentation at Penn Station was clean, chic, sophisticated and sexy, in grown-folk colors. Sometimes you CAN’T go home again, Brandon! JOHN ELLIOTT’s show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was my first off the Rock this season. Collabs are great, but he’s hooked up with Caterpiller construction and utility-worker chic was the theme. There’s a market. Sure. I just never thought I’d see it on the runway during Fashion Week. Day Five…

Winona is wearing BALMAIN                                                     Handbag by Marc Jacobs

What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Three


DAY THREE started out cold and wet so what luck! My schedule had me at SPRING STUDIOS for most of the day. At 10am, The BROCK COLLECTION in Gallery I kicked off with interesting tweed dresses and suits. Very Chanel-ish. But then they morphed into fussy and some pieces even got a little frumpy. Womp-womp. HELLESSY at 11 gave us deconstructed suits and dresses with stars, stripes, sequins…and Miss Pat Cleveland! So cool to see her still doing her thing. I wanted to stop and chat but had to dash for the KATE SPADE presentation at noon. Cipriani downtown. I barely made it. Kiki Layne from If Beale Street Could Talk was front row and gorge in chartreuse and egglant, pieces from the collection. On the runway were turbans, animal prints, and of course, handbags. Most models carried two. CUSHNIE at 3pm served up the usual sex on a stick with class. Her drapey gowns barely hung onto the nips and hips of her models. But never cheap. Never skanky. She always makes it work. Finally, JEREMY SCOTT. What’s black and white and read all over? Not a damn thing. Not anymore. Love me a layered tulle skirt, and he had lots of those, but the screaming newspaper theme is about twenty years too late. Epic fail, dude. Goodnight. Day Four…

Winona is wearing MONSE

What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Two


Day Two started early with RALPH LAUREN. Trying something different, he presented the collection at his new cafe along with breakfast. The pastries, fresh croissants, smoked salmon and egg-white frittatas were yummy. The fashion? Same ol’ same ol’. But Ralph’s same ol’ is still kinda special. ELIE TAHARI at Spring Studios was scattered and all over the place. No theme of any kind. Christie Brinkley closed the show, sharing the runway with her daughter, Sailor. Their palm slap at the end was a sweet moment. NICOLE MILLER is on an environmental kick, serving up astrology symbols along with some weird evil-eye patterns. Denim made out of recycled soda bottles was interesting. On this runway, my younger girls ruled. But the TELFAR show at Irving Plaza. That joint was out-of-control. Models fell off the stage, crowdsurfing over the audience in the arms or on the shoulders of what appeared to be designated carriers. I’m just not here for that kind of presentation. Sorry. I like to actually see the clothes. But the baby-face-ded crowd tried to crash backstage after the show. They dug it. So there. Day Three…

Winona is wearing FENDI

What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day One

Beautiful people 2

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK has officially opened and the photogs are out! Starting a day early with the 11 HONORE show at Spring Studios, there were models of all sizes, all shades and all types. My girl, Belle, will be on their catwalk next season for sure! Jumping to the Armory uptown for TOM FORD’s show, for the first time, I didn’t schedule a pitstop to slip into one of his frocks. But everyone else did, from Odell Beckham and Karlie Kloss to Danai Gurira, Courtney Love and make me holla Cam Newton. To be honest, I’m still feeling pissy with Tom. He could have twisted some arms on that museum board last fall. In the meantime though, his presentation had a 70’s disco-ish kind of vibe with platform pumps, rolled and cuffed satin trousers, luscious leathers, fine tweeds, on point tailoring, heavy chains and big jewel-toned furs. Not as glamorous. Not as fussy. But it was all Tom. I’m still pissy. But I love ya, boo. Day Two…

Winona is wearing BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE                                     Tote by CELINE



Winona is to FASHION WEEK what fireworks are to the 4th of July. The show might go on but without her it sure won’t be the same. Back in the day she was in such high demand on the catwalk that designers were known to adjust their show dates to work around her schedule. And now, as the agency owner with six of the fashion industry’s top models on her roster, they still do! Ah…it’s nice to be on top. But hard as hell to stay there.

She shows up on everyone’s web page and blog site during FASHION WEEK. Covering her fashion choices for the next seven days is just as important as anything happening on the runways so stay tuned. It all starts NOW!