What She Wore During Fashion Week FW2017 – Day Seven

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Backstage at the MICHAEL KORS show Wednesday morning, he was tickled by my en-som. His big dots are going to pop up everywhere come Spring. That’s why I wore mine early. DEREK LAM’s show after lunch was intimate, colorful, serene and very grown-up. It was good prep for YEEZY at 5 over at Pier 59. He served up a less sophisticated color palette this time and more commercializing with Adidas and other logos splashed around. Me no likee. And just an FYI to the wife—Cher wants her hair back. Pronto. At 7:00, RALPH LAUREN presented at the store with an entire wall of orchids on display. It was lovely. The fashions were what we all expect from RL. Year after year. But I fear the day when they’re gone.

Winona is wearing Michael Kors. Handbag by Balenciaga. Boots by Aquazarra.

Day Seven+One

What She Wore During Fashion Week FW2017 – Day Six


BADGLEY MISCHKA have been struggling for a minute now. But within that struggle they developed a furniture line and featured it like Rooms To Go at their show yesterday. Good idea? Hmmmm… Selena Gomez? The new face for COACH? I wasn’t feeling that either until seeing their show. I get it now. She was a cutie in the front row, too. And speaking of cuties, BRANDON MAXWELL presented on the 71st floor of the WORLD TRADE CENTER. At sunset. Love that drama. NARCISO RODRIGUEZ kept it all about line and structure, mainly in black and white. But I bumped my darling ZAC  from the schedule. Photos and video only? Really? In weather like this, I’m gonna need live models, bruh. Nighty-night.

Winona’s coat is inspired by AGANOVICH     Dress and handbag by GIVENCHY

Day Seven…

What She Wore During Fashion Week FW2017 – Day Five


Monday morning with Miz CAROLINA HERRERA. She took the show downtown—a first—but the time has truly come now for fresh blood in the atelier, girlfriend. Fingers crossed on that. PROENZA SCHOULER at 1 twisted everybody’s panties. They’re moving the operation to Paris! This could be their final NYFW. The OSCAR DE LA RENTA show at SCSquare left a nasty taste in a lot of mouths. Many hated the vivid colors. The casual feel. I didn’t. Wanna know what I hated? Waiting to get into PHILIPP PLEIN‘s show last night. It was his first and that made it special but it was chilly on the steps of the Library at 9pm. And once inside, we waited another hour for Madonna! Miss Thing took her seat, looked at me and shrugged. Girl please. 

Winona is wearing a Calvin Klein vest. Hat inspired by Lisa McFadden Millinery. Handbag by FONTANA MILANO 1915

Day Six…

What She Wore During Fashion Week FW2017 – Day Four


Foul weather Sunday morning. But the shows march on. VICTORIA BECKHAM, as regular now as 10am church service, kicked things off down on Wall St. Hubby looked yummy as always but…a knighthood? Really David? At 2pm we were poetry-slammed on Hudson St. in a three-story walkup by TRACY REESE. Her models were on all three levels. Very creative presentation. Jonathan Sanders for DIANE VON FURSTENBERG did a gallery-type show, too. Are catwalks becoming passè?? At 7pm, PRABAL GURUNG, including politics and curvy girls on his runway, finished off the day. A quick drink and catch-up with SJP after the show and I was home by 10pm.

Winona is wearing Gareth Pugh

Day Five…

What She Wore During Fashion Week FW2017 – Day Three


Did I say something the other day about a single location? Forget that. They’re running us all over town like usual. Both the CREATURES OF THE WIND show at noon and SON JUNG WAN at 2pm were at SCsquare. I’m loving that place more and more. But then CHRISTIAN SIRIANO showed at the oh-my-gaudy-Plaza Hotel at 4 and last night, ALEXANDER WANG took us out to the old Hamilton Theater on 146th and Broadway. Whew! There was a mosh pit, plenty of beer and hot black catsuits. My girl Lourdis would have loooooved it!

Winona is wearing CHRISTIAN SIRIANO. Handbag by CELINE.

Day Four…


What She Wore During Fashion Week FW 2017- Day Two


West 39th St. was lit with celebrities Friday morning, hustling into the CALVIN KLEIN show. RAF SIMON’s debut brought out the old guard, Brooke, Lauren, Gwyneth, SJP, and then the new crew, A$AP Rocky and little Millie Bobby Brown. Cute. CUSHNIE ET OCHS at 3pm was slinky and sexy like always. And at NICOLE MILLER’s show, I still hadn’t decided if I was staying at SCSquare for JEREMY SCOTT or dragging across town for JASON WU at the St. Regis. Let’s just say that my final decision was not the right one. Goodnight.

Winona is wearing BOTTEGA VENETA. Handbag by ALEXANDER WANG.

Day Three…

What She Wore During Fashion Week FW2017- Day One


Can you believe it? 70 degrees on Wednesday. And yesterday, the bottom falls out of everything with a freakin’ snowstorm! Welcome to New York Fashion Week FW2017. The cool thing is, many of the shows are in a single location again—SKYLIGHT CLARKSON SQ—just like the old days in Bryant Park. THANK YOU! At 11am, DESIGUAL showed out in Gallery 1. The BROCK Collection calmed everything down at 2pm in Gallery 2. TADASHI SHOJI was in Gallery 1 at 4. And ADAM SELMAN was in Gallery 2 at 6. Of course I couldn’t skip the RAG & BONE party last night even if I wanted to. Day One? Done. 

Winona’s blouse is by the CO COLLECTION. Leather culottes by HERMES. Handbag by BALENCIAGA

Day Two…

What She Wore During Fashion Week


Winona is to FASHION WEEK what fireworks are to the 4th of July. The show might go on but without her it sure won’t be the same. Back in the day she was in such high demand on the catwalk that designers were known to adjust their show dates to work around her schedule. And now, as the agency owner with six of the fashion industry’s top models on her roster, they still do! Ah…it’s nice to be on top. But it’s hard as hell to stay there.

Covering her fashion choices for the next seven days is just as important as anything happening on the runway. Stay tuned. What She Wore During Fashion Week starts NOW—

A Royal Bite of the Big Apple – The End


Industry chitchat all over town is not about the snowstorm. It’s Princess Bee signing with me. Winona, Inc. Her Instagram pics showcase our entire day on Wednesday, including shots of us backstage with the cast of HAMILTON. My competition took her out to lunch, maybe dinner, and made her an offer. That’s it. I got her on the catwalk, took her to a hot Broadway show and yeah, she even got laid. They whine about my so-called advantages? Well, that’s tough, bitches! I can make things happen. And sometimes, things just happen on their own. Sorry. Not sorry. Later, darlings. It’s FASHION WEEK!

Princess Bee is wearing a Chanel jacket. Winona’s blouse is by CO Collections.

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A Royal Bite of the Big Apple Pt. 5


Bee and her long-legged friend are rearranging their clothes as they emerge from around the corner. I should have known. I snatch her up—no questions asked—and dash for the exit. My car is waiting and shock of shocks, we make it across the river to R & B’s showroom before 6. Fashion Week starts tomorrow and the place is crawling with models. But there’s a no-show. I suggest to Marcus that he use the princess instead. Bee almost wets herself as he looks her over. “She’ll work,” he smiles. Then he bows and kisses her hand. Eeeyew. Where were those dainty little fingers an hour ago?

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