What She Wore During Fashion Week – February 2023

Several shows were held at Spring Studios on Monday but then Carolina Herrera took us to the Plaza Hotel where paparazzi caught me in the lobby, Coach pulled us to the Park Avenue Armory, Tory Burch drug us back downtown to the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank and LaQuan Smith had Teyana Taylor, Lil’ Nas and First Daughter Ashley Biden jammed into the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Plaza Monday night. Designers are scoping out their own spaces to present their collections in and I get it. I do. All of the alternate locations were yummy. But it was never cute, at least not to me, hauling ass from one side of town to the other. Not on the subway, a taxi or even in the back seat of a private car. We do it anyway, though. We just do it. But I’ll never stop missing the tents in Bryant Park. Never.

Winona is wearing PROENZA SCHOULER


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