What’s This All About?


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15 thoughts on “What’s This All About?

  1. Ah I love this! I’ve been missing out on your adventures, Edwina. So sorry! I hope you’ve been doing well (I see you have as this new creative adventure is fabulous!!) 🙂 xoxo

  2. The book is wonderful and lights up my room. I’m going to share this with my friends online. We’ve got to get your book on all the #supportasista websites. Here is one online. I’m going to contact Tony. Anyone know of any others, please share the news.

    • Just realizing there are more books in the series. I had some time to read the story in my edition. Your series is going to be so good.

      • I’m so happy! You know, writing is not my first calling so it’s always great to hear that readers like the story too. Many more episodes are here online. Book 2 was published in 2019. I’ll alert you when we go into a second printing.

      • Hey Edwina, Here’s a networking resource for you. Sylvia Hubbard owner of the Detroit Motor City Writers and she has a show where she interviewed people in the literary field. She has about 40 Romance/Suspense novels on Amazon and she would be an excellent person for networking and collaborating. Your personal story of how you published your own book would be interesting to her and the writers in the Detroit area. She has a lot of information on book promotion as well. I’m sure you both would be beneficial to each other. She’s a positive person and approachable. Here’s a link to one of her websites. https://sylviahubbard.com/ She’s on YT and instagram . She loves interviewing as well.

  3. Edwina, once you have the information, it’s ok to delete if it doesn’ with the intention for your page. I understand.

  4. I truly enjoyed your stories and the illustration are great artwork. A fellow writer recommended our group writers to look at work displayed like a comic or story line version.
    I am impressed with the stories of day to day life journeys.
    Pat Morris

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