Coincidence, Chanel?

Remember Fashion Week? The Covid Edition? Back in September Winona cringed at the idea of exposing her legs while running around town in pandemic mode. She wore pants at times but we all know that Winona is a girly-girl. She loves her pumps and a pretty dress. A slinky skirt with a killer slit. She’s a girly-girl through and through and what—pray tell— was a girly-girl to do?

Leggings! That was Winona’s solution. She found her old collection and wore leggings in public, under an Oscar de la Renta suit, for the first time in two decades. And it looks like someone noticed…

Last week, during their Pre-Fall 2021 show, Chanel’s creative director Virginie Viard featured, of all things, leggings on the runway. Under skirts, shorts, even under the evening wear. Now, we’re not going so far as to declare ownership of this look. After all, Winona hardly invented it. But let’s be real. We haven’t seen leggings outside of gymwear since Diddy was Puff Daddy. And under a skirt or shorts? You might want to consult Madonna on that. So…is this just coincidence? Or another moment, brief but noteworthy, in the fashion history of our trend-setting Wonder Woman, Winona Warner? She never follows the crowd. She leads.

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