Did You Hear The News?

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Erika Alexander was in Atlanta last November stomping for gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. We met on election day at my neighborhood polling place. A simple handshake turned into a twenty-minute conversation and one thing led to another. I gave her my card. Her production partner, Ben Arnon, checked WINONA, INC. out online. Intrigued, he ordered a copy of the book. And fell head over heels in love! Before long, we’re signing contracts! They want to pitch and produce WINONA, INC. as an animated series!


That’s how it happens, children. Out of the blue. In the blink of an eye. You never see it coming. But when it does, you better be ready. We made the big announcement a few weeks ago.

Here’s the press release:

WINONA, INC,. an online web comic, has been optioned by Erika Alexander’s COLOR FARM MEDIA for an animated series.

It’s a sophisticated and sexy adventure for adults centering around the glamorous world of Winona Warner, a former supermodel who now owns the hottest modeling agency in Manhattan.

Actor, artist and activist Erika Alexander (Cosby Show, Living Single, Black Lightening, Get Out) and COLOR FARM MEDIA co-founder Ben Arnon are currently shopping the project. “We are especially excited because it will be the first animated series starring an African-American woman at a time when women in general, and women of color in particular, are finally being recognized,” says Ms. Alexander.

According to illustrator and series creator Edwina Owens Elliott, the goal for WINONA, INC. has always been an animated series. “It was just a matter of getting it into the proper hands,” she says.

Interested parties should contact Erika Alexander or Ben Arnon @colorfarmmedia.com

We’re taking off! Are you ready to join us? WINONA, INC. – The Book is available for purchase right here so click the link and get in on this thing NOW!

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