Javier and The Twins

Javier and The Twins 2

I depended on Javier Lopez and his twin girls. They lived in my Grandmother Sylvia’s building and looked out for her, checking in every day without fail. But then he got locked up and I couldn’t sleep, letting Sylvia stay there without his protection. I cancelled several gigs and hauled ass from the south of France to the South Bronx to pack her up. She was mad about it. Didn’t want to move. So I bribed her with a lovely 2-bedroom cottage in a pricey Seniors community out on Long Island. I moved her boyfriend in, too. But Javier’s twins. They were in private school, it was not cheap and Javier was facing five years. I couldn’t let them drop out. They looked too cute in their uniforms. So I took over their tuition. But I got the headmaster very clear on one thing. “They believe their Papa is making this happen. Make damn sure they never hear anything else.”

Winona’s coat by Azzedine Alaia

Poor Lil’ Carly…


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