What She Wore During Fashion Week – Part Three

Something’s up. I’m not sure what exactly because Anna is being Anna and not saying much but after a full day of Carolina Herrera, Coach, Frederick Anderson and Ashlyn, last night’s VOGUE WORLD closed down 13th street and ushered in a different type of fashion show experience. It was the culmination of what’s been happening these last few years on the runway. Street vendors selling food, live musicians, dancers, theatrics galore, it was fun but my beef continues. The fashion at these events seem almost secondary. And isn’t that why we’re here?

They asked me to walk with the many has-been supermodels strutting their dusty old stuff but you know what? I declined because those days are over for me I think. It’s gonna take a lot more than Erykah Badu (looking very cool btw), Baryshnikov (who appears to be shrinking), Lil Nas X and bikers doing wheelies to get me back on the catwalk.

Something tells me that this is the future of New York Fashion Week. Please excuse me while I dry my hot and bitter tears.

Winona is wearing Sergio Hudson

Hat by Lisa McFadden Millinery


One thought on “What She Wore During Fashion Week – Part Three

  1. Awesome in title, art and the informational composition. Peace and love to you always and for the new year.❤️🙏

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