What She Wore During Fashion Week – Part 2

The casting director from Jason Wu selected Winona, Inc.’s hippiest models. I noticed that and then I saw why. On Friday at Pier 17, he featured slinky dresses, gowns and satin-y trousers that took me back to the glory days of Calvin and Donna, when we’d strut the runway with long legs and mad swivel hips. Those girls were slinging it from left to right!

I got that same vibe from Sergio Hudson on Saturday. His collection was more fun with bright colors and big graphics but the women, all shapes and sizes, were all woman. Not clumping around like zombies. I am so sick of that. Aren’t you? It was good to see Chanel Iman back on the runway. After the show she asked if I’d been arrested lately! Yeah. She’s got jokes too.

Hardly recognized Madonna at Marni’s presentation last night. Perched on stools under the dank-ass Manhattan bridge, my only question was are we trolls now? I’m not trying to be part of the experience, especially after his show in February. Oh yeah. I heard about the dirty warehouse with no seating. My models adored it of course and came back raving. It’s all about the mood and I get that. But hanging out under a bridge? I’m never in the mood for that. Later—

Winona is wearing Alaia

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