Summer Parties 2022

COVID cases are up again, dammit. And I’ve been so good about staying safe, uber-picky about which events to attend. It’s all about being outdoors for me this summer and last weekend was a big outdoor weekend! At the Gucci soiree, we roamed the grounds of stylist Elizabeth Saltzman’s spread in East Hampton like happy cattle. Glad I wore wedgies. I caught up with ex-models Christy Turlington and Bethann, designer Rachel Zoe and Spike Lee’s family. The whole crew. His son Jackson is about a foot taller but I swear, Tonya may have carried him and pushed him out but he’s all Spike, through and through. The next day I hauled myself out to Christian Louboutin’s luncheon on the deck of Duryea’s in Montauk. It was a very different crowd, more stuffy than cool, but the ouzo and octopus was crazy good and I made a few new contacts across the Pond. What a lovely way to do business on a warm, Sunday afternoon.

Winona is wearing Duro Olowu


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