Another day…Another Met Gala

Well, another Met Gala is said and done. The theme this year? Gilded Glamour. A salute to the Gilded Age, late nineteenth century fashion viewed through a modern lens. Many said fuck the theme and as usual they did their own thing. Models Naomi, Shalom Harlow and the Hadid girls did not obey. Others like Janelle Monae, Blake Lively and Cardi B—a killer in Versace—mixed it up. Contemporary with a bit of throwback. And still others, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Adwoa Aboah, Kacey Musgraves and Lizzo’s magnificent opera coat (just the coat okay?) got the assignment and carried it out. I did too. That’s all a part of the fun for me.

I wasn’t feeling the Gilded Age, though. Not at all. But when I saw this original Charles Worth gown from 1898, so simple and luxurious, I knew it was the one.

Evening gown created by designer Charles Worth for socialite Edith Kingdon Gould in 1898

Now, I couldn’t pull a Kim Kardashian and rip the dress right off of the exhibit mannequin (does anyone honestly believe that bullshit story?) but I did employ Belle’s dressmaker to whip up a replica in deep red satin and a few feet of extra train because you know, you can’t have too much train at the Gala. Finishing with a pair of burgundy Jimmy Choos, a vintage wrap from Valentino and jewels from Harry Winston, tell me whaddaya think? Can you see me as some railroad baron’s dusky-hued mistress from 1898?


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