Day 7


What was up with MICHAEL KORS sending his models out practically bare-face? At 10am?? Did the make-up crew not show? The girls looked tired and beat, especially those who worked all week. Have a heart, Mike! But he served up a collection of gorgeous, mouth-watering flannels and plaids. Leather straps and buckles. The boots and bags were Detail 1on point with heavy MK hardware. Sometimes it got a little Becky-bougie. I could’ve done without the extra set of built-in sleeves to tie around the neck. But all-in-all, his fine precision and master workmanship may have made this one of my favorite shows of the week.

I’m so tired of trashing the MARC JACOBS show. Season after season.  No rhyme, no reason, no theme. And more than most of it was just straight-up unflattering. I feel the Jackie Kennedy vibe with his head-to-toe monochromatic coats. I get it. But doing it over and over, season after season, doesn’t make it better. It’s just another do-over. I know Marc’s got his vision. Whatever it is. I’m just not gonna work that hard to try and figure it out.

So, my lovelies, another New York Fashion Week is done. But London’s Fashion Week jumps off tomorrow, Harlem’s Fashion “Week” happens on Saturday, Milan is next week and Paris is the week after. You know, I just might show up anywhere. SMOOCHES!

Winona is wearing DRIES VAN NOTEN


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