Harlem’s Fashion Row

Before Fashion Week officially got started, HARLEM’S FASHION ROW held their 12th Annual Fashion Show and Style Awards downtown at One World Trade Center. And I couldn’t miss it. I’d just gotten sprung from the slammer and barely had enough time to dash home and get dressed. The challenge was to wear a Black designer. Hardly a challenge. I grabbed another CUSHNIE while Riccardo owns several fabulous OZWALD BOATENG suits. His only challenge was to choose which one. After the reception and fashion show, a few of us were invited to the Vogue offices on the 25th floor for a private soiree. They served Kaluga cavier, the Zyr vodka was ice cold and I took hits left and right. By then everyone had heard how I’d spent my afternoon and the jokes just kept on coming.

So that’s it. NYFW is officially done. There were glimmers of hope amid the many disappointments but that’s fashion, right? They might love it. You might hate it. And vice versa. But we all keep coming back for more. So ’til next time… SMOOCHES!


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