Day Six

For the MICHAEL KORS presentation, I pulled out an old en-som from a few years back. He’s Mr. Americana, you know, but this season was so heavy into the red, white and blue, there were moments when I forgot where I was. Is this Ralph again? Not saying that’s a bad thing but… MARINA MOSCONE‘s collection was very mature. Again…not a bad thing. It’s her tailoring, though. So fine. That’s what makes some of her pieces almost essential. The BROCK Collection was very SENSE AND SENSIBILITY in their big, balloony, bosom-baring dressing gowns. Beautiful. But I don’t know who would wear them outside of a movie set? BADGELY MISCHKA gave us deep jewel tones, citrus-y brights—oh so good! But sadly, their final evening wear segment went flat. And that’s always been their ace! Big drag. Now, things are changing on the catwalk. The days of traditional shows with segments and themes, and all focus on the clothes, are done. But MARC JACOBS? He paid homage to everyone from Doris Day to Karl Lagerfeld. And much of it was beautiful. But totally disjointed. I think they need to come up with a new term because ”collection”? It no longer applies.

Winona is wearing MICHAEL KORS | Handbag by THE ROW | Ankle boots by DIOR



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