What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Seven


Tuesday was another cold, wet one but GABRIELA HEARST‘s show gave us warmth with comfy pieces in luscious knits and cozy cashmere. She’s an eco-nerd, all about the re-purposing, and post-show I grabbed a few of the cashmere seat pillows, made from leftover fabric, she offered as takeaways. CHRISTIAN COWAN’s theatrical makeup was a hint of what was in store for us on his runway. Showgirl feathers and sequins on sweats, his brand was built on dressing performers. Hard to move away from.  But you can try. COACH, down on Wall St., was coed but with pants, dress, skirt, vest, coat, scarf, all on one model, there was so much to see, you end up not seeing anything at all. But Michael B. Jordan is a cutie. I saw him just fine. CYNTHIA ROWLEY hasn’t done a runway show in a minute. Gathered around the pool at the London Terrace in Chelsea, there were florals and fruit patterns and flowy frocks with a 60’s springtime vibe. Totally out of season.  OSCAR DE LA RENTA. What can you say? Great, classic pieces, beautiful fabrics, elegance, sophistication, what’s not to love? Some of the evening wear seemed rehashed from decades past but all in all, a strong show. Paris Hilton took about a million shots but the wet ring around her shoes ruined every single one. That would’ve never happened to her just a few years ago. You lose your place real fast in this town. Day Seven + One…

Winona is wearing GARETH PUGH


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