What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day Two


Day Two started early with RALPH LAUREN. Trying something different, he presented the collection at his new cafe along with breakfast. The pastries, fresh croissants, smoked salmon and egg-white frittatas were yummy. The fashion? Same ol’ same ol’. But Ralph’s same ol’ is still kinda special. ELIE TAHARI at Spring Studios was scattered and all over the place. No theme of any kind. Christie Brinkley closed the show, sharing the runway with her daughter, Sailor. Their palm slap at the end was a sweet moment. NICOLE MILLER is on an environmental kick, serving up astrology symbols along with some weird evil-eye patterns. Denim made out of recycled soda bottles was interesting. On this runway, my younger girls ruled. But the TELFAR show at Irving Plaza. That joint was out-of-control. Models fell off the stage, crowdsurfing over the audience in the arms or on the shoulders of what appeared to be designated carriers. I’m just not here for that kind of presentation. Sorry. I like to actually see the clothes. But the baby-face-ded crowd tried to crash backstage after the show. They dug it. So there. Day Three…

Winona is wearing FENDI


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