What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day One

Beautiful people 2

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK has officially opened and the photogs are out! Starting a day early with the 11 HONORE show at Spring Studios, there were models of all sizes, all shades and all types. My girl, Belle, will be on their catwalk next season for sure! Jumping to the Armory uptown for TOM FORD’s show, for the first time, I didn’t schedule a pitstop to slip into one of his frocks. But everyone else did, from Odell Beckham and Karlie Kloss to Danai Gurira, Courtney Love and make me holla Cam Newton. To be honest, I’m still feeling pissy with Tom. He could have twisted some arms on that museum board last fall. In the meantime though, his presentation had a 70’s disco-ish kind of vibe with platform pumps, rolled and cuffed satin trousers, luscious leathers, fine tweeds, on point tailoring, heavy chains and big jewel-toned furs. Not as glamorous. Not as fussy. But it was all Tom. I’m still pissy. But I love ya, boo. Day Two…

Winona is wearing BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE                                     Tote by CELINE


5 thoughts on “What She Wore During New York Fashion Week – Day One


  2. Beginning with my initial introduction, I have looked forward to following the career, life, and mischief that is Winona!
    Her adventures and surpassed-barely-by her fabulous wardrobe and fashion sense. I cannot wait to read and see what she does and wears in future postings!

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