What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day Three


On the third day…JONATHAN SIMKHAI. His presentation gave me the heebie jeebies. Seriously. I don’t mind a little lace and frill but why the mad overload?? I had two sweet-faced girls in the show, though, and they were perfect. So it’s all good. BRANDON MAXWELL at the CLASSIC CAR CLUB has kicked New York City sleek to the curb with a big, red cowboy boot. Using pick-up trucks and coolers for seats, it’s clear with this collection that the Texas boy has returned home. And b-t-w? TIFFANY HADDISH is gorge. BADGLEY MISCHKA at SPRING STUDIOS did what they do best. Pretty dresses for ladies who like being ladies. The little kids in the show gave Ralph’s kids the night before some Fashion Week competition. Cuteness level on high. ADEAM’s show in Chelsea presented super-fussy fashion. That’s their M.O., I know, but they took it to the extreme this season. It was fun to be in TUNNEL again, though. Wild times in that joint back in the day. The JIMMY CHOO party in Chinatown caught me draggin’ ass. After hugging Tiffany again, I called it a night. DAY FOUR

Winona is wearing BALMAIN                                                                Handbag by DELVAUX


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