What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day Two

RL Panel

Day Two. It started out so sweetly. First, a beautiful show for KATE SPADE at the Library. There was glitter, little notes left on our chairs, everything was so pretty, I hope she was pleased. And then, onto CUSHNIE’s first solo show. Some were worried, but not me. I know what she can do. More pretty was on hand but with a Caribbean vibe. Details to drool over. Very SADE-ish, during her Babyfather days. On 37th Street, MONSE brought us genderless deconstruction. Loose, flowy, I still don’t get the NICKI MINAJ connect but WHOOPI? Oh yeah. I get that. Last night, RALPH LAUREN’s 50th anniversary gala in CENTRAL PARK called for a big, ball skirt. I mean errrrrr’body was there, from OPRAH to HILLARY to KANYE, who just had to show out. Girlfriend’s question was off the wall, though. But what ever happened to ignoring a bitch?? I skipped, hiking my skirt like Cinderella and hauling ass over to the PLAZA for the HARPER’S BAZAAR party. Got there just in time to see Nicki Minaj and CARDI B go at it. Lucky me. Shoes came off, Cardi’s gown got trashed, her whole ass was hanging out, and somehow baby girl got a huge knot on her head! PR stunt gone awry? That’s my guess. You can’t play those games with everybody. Oh well. Day Two—over and out! DAY THREE

Winona’s skirt is RALPH LAUREN


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