What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day 0


HEY NOW! Fashion Week doesn’t officially start until today but yesterday, URBAN ZEN, Donna Karan’s new label, pulled us into her multi-functional space down on Greenwich Street for a quick presentation. Casual, fluid, very drapey, her latest style vision is a lot like the old. You just know Donna when you see it and my little runway star, Nova—long, lanky, with those eyes and all of that hair, well…she nailed it! Tom Ford’s show last night was stocked with celebs and ultra-glam. But outside of his menswear-cut jackets—shoulders of death, lapels of LIFE—I just didn’t feel so fucking fabulous about it. Wanted to take a selfie with Chaka. I couldn’t get to her! But downtown at the China Chalet with Naomi C. and Tracee Ellis Ross for Pat McGrath’s Mothership ball, was LIVE! Fashion Week is on, baby. Let’s do it! Day One…

Winona is wearing an URBAN ZEN leather kimono jacket. Her handbag is by Boyy.


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