What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day One

Carolina Herrera.jpg

I had to shake off Desi’s foolishness and get Nova to her first show of the day. NOVIS was at 9am, down on 26th Street. I left her there and put in a couple of hours at the agency before lunch and the 3pm CREATURES OF COMFORT show in the Village on Washington Street. Are you ready for Little House on the Prairie meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? I wasn’t. ADAM SELMAN at Skylight Clarkson Square was very spring-y with big, blue irises on both the catwalk and the clothes. Hmmmm…. not a fan. At the CALVIN KLEIN show, 39th Street was brimming with celebs, Lupita, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mahershala Ali, and one of my favorite exes, Jeffery Dean Morgan. Our thing happened too long ago to concern anybody, least of all his wife. But Kaia Gerber! The highlight of the evening for me! She looked so much like mama Cindy Crawford on the runway, you’ll forget what decade it is. The fashions? Well, let’s just pretend that this season never happened, okay Raf? Day One down. Day Two…

Winona is wearing Carolina Herrera


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