On The Roof

On the Roof 1.jpg

I took some big risks as a model. Big, dumb-ass risks that now—sober— I’d never, ever do. But back then, if my photographer was one of the gods, the wardrobe amazing, and the money just right, I’d do almost anything for a shot. But how was I supposed to know on the night I partied like 1999 with PRINCE after his show at Radio City that the next day, photog Steve White would have me hanging off the edge of a tower downtown? I felt like crap. But fear and the DONNA KARAN I was wearing kept me steady. Steve got off two rolls of film, the shot appeared in BAZAAR and only I can see the sheer terror in my eyes. Everybody else thought I was one bad bee-yotch. “You’re a trooper!” Steve said to me after it was all over. “How you were able to upchuck in mid-air and completely miss the gown is just beyond me!”

They Called Us Rowdy Royalty…


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