I Don’t Know Nuthin’ About Bearing No Babies

PM Thomas 2

I met Phillip Michael Thomas in Barcelona, Spain. I was there on a photo shoot for HARPER’S BAZAAR and he was in talks for a movie role. MIAMI VICE was long over but he was still arrogant, amusing and very, very sexy. His rep as a ladies man was epic, having had several kids with several different chicks. His hands were full! And that worked in my favor. Or so I thought. Until one night while we’re naked and sweaty he takes me in his arms, hits me with those hot green peepers of his and says, “You know, if this thing keeps going between us, you’re gonna have to bear some babies.” Man…I couldn’t get my panties back on fast enough!

Winona wore Herve Leger. Phillip Michael Thomas wore Doug & Gene Meyer

On The Roof…


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