Another Lonely Christmas

Who dreamed this year would just be a repeat of 2020?? I ordered everything early—decorations, liquor, wait staff—in preparation for my annual holiday party. Scaling back, I limited the guest list to just twenty-five clients and close friends and planned my menu. I was excited! Lobster is practically impossible to find on the East Coast right now so I went hard, flying them in via private jet from New Orleans. My first party since Christmas 2019? I wanted it to be the party that everyone wished they’d been invited to.
Then the virus flipped. Again. And within two weeks things got so juicy, just the idea of two dozen people in my crib made my stomach turn over. My head was spinning wondering which one of my guests would come in and infect everyone else. So last week I bit the bullet. I officially cancelled the party. It broke my heart.
But in spite of all that…we at WINONA, INC. wish peace, light and love to each and every one of you. Be safe, stay healthy and always, always follow your gut. Happy holidays! Keep hope alive in 2022!


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