NYFW September 2021 – Day Six

On the last day of Fashion Week, practically right outside Winona, Inc. on Mercer Street, TORY BURCH presented colors and textures and a refreshing mix of pieces that played well against each other. She showed many looks in layers but somehow it all worked. Still a little old-ladyish sometimes, this collection was one of her best, imo.

In a dark, murky basement on the lower east side, strewn with leaves and vines from ceiling to floor, KHAITE‘s show was so gloomy and darkly lit, we could just barely see the clothes. What’s the point of that? I couldn’t decide if this location, after the hurricane a few weeks ago, was clever and on point or stupid and tone deaf? People drowned in basements, you know.

Returning to Fashion Week for the first time in a few years, ALTUZARRA featured a mostly loose and flowy silhouette, giving me old school hippie vibes with the beads and tassels. Remembering pictures I’ve seen from back in the 60s, I pictured his models down in the Village, hanging with Jagger and dancing around the park with flowers in their hair.

TOM FORD is an L. A. boy now and it shows. Tank tops, baggy shorts, cargo pants, joggers, everything in this presentation was ultra-casual and, from sequins and satins to metallics, way too shiny. I get it. The pandemic has truly changed our lives and for some, it’s all about lounging around the crib all day, sipping cocktails in-between Zoom business meetings. Yawn. Come back to the Apple, Tom! This show left me cold.

The house of OSCAR DE LA RENTA presented his collection in digital form only. I felt a little wobbly when I heard that. But I think Mr. de la Renta would be pleased. The short film, only about five minutes long, is CUTE CUTE CUTE. Beautiful models, beautiful clothes, tipping around beautiful Bryant Park, there’s nothing innovative or groundbreaking here. There never is. Just the best of the best. Every season.

So that’s it. Another Fashion Week has come and gone! Tonight is the Met Gala and baaa-aaaby, my gown! It’s extra-extra. So extra-extra, I’m done talking about it. Tune in on Wednesday for the big reveal! SMOOCHES!

Winona is wearing SAINT LAURENT. Handbag by MARC JACOBS


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