NYFW September 2021 – Day Four

Day Four started early with MICHAEL KORS. His collection was worth getting up for. Kendall Jenner opened the show and she looks great. I would try and woo her away from her current agency, but the fam. They’re just too much trouble. There was more skin than usual in this collection. The little bra tops and pencil skirts—one in a leathery lace—were fire! And the precision of his tailored pieces were, as always, swoon-worthy. Kudos to another gorgeous season, MK.

There were flowers at the JASON WU show. Lots and lots of them. The runway decor as well as pieces he presented. He loves florals, of course, and many of his prints were indeed that, but he’s been experimenting and the patterns flowed, like paintings, taking on a new freshness that kicked everything up a notch or two.

The Super Grump t-shirt pretty much said it all for me at the COACH show. I left there frustrated and annoyed. There were, as always, stand-out leather—cute little bras, outerwear, purses—but the grungy presentation makes you have to wash the grime out of your eyes before you can really see it. It’s just too much.

I took a moment at the agency to watch ALICE + OLIVIA‘s video drop at 6pm. It was way too short. The colors, the dresses, the suiting got me so hyped, I slapped on two masks and made a mad dash to the Highline Stages on West 15th for the live presentation. As usual, it was lit! Models posed in front of painted sets, the crowd was thick, and everything was interactive. Too interactive. I didn’t hang for long. We are, after all, still in the midst of a fucking pandemic.

BRANDON MAXWELL at 9PM gave us lots of strong, swirly graphics. It was a different path for him. But the sexy bra tops (a theme this season it seems) and hip-huggers pants for evening were interesting, and his oranges, emeralds, reds, and hot magentas really fired things up. My fave was the turquoise moc-croc trench. I’ll take that in a size 6. Please and thank you. DAY FIVE

Winona’s ensemble inspired by OSCAR DE LA RENTA. Booties by MANOLO BLAHNIK


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