NYFW September 2021 – Day One

Wassup my people!! Fashion Week is back! It’s not a full week this season but a stuffed 5 1/2 days with so much happening all over, it’s just not possible to see even half of it. But I’ll do my best.

Yesterday, COLLINA STRADA was out in Brooklyn but come on. How were we to be out there for 6:00, and then back in the city for the CHRISTIAN SIRIANO 7:00 show at Gotham Hall? We’re forced to make choices, right? The trick is making the right ones. With deep, rich mustards and bright, chartreuse-y greens, several of Christian’s pieces stood out in the drama department. But truth? It felt like I’d seen most of it before.

The drive up to 125th Street for the HARLEM’S FASHION ROW presentation was a long one and by 9:20, I just knew I’d missed everything. Not even! The night went on and on with speeches and awards. Even Anna got one! She didn’t get the warmest reception from the Harlem crowd but they didn’t boo her at least! The show’s designers, all male—seriously?—delivered some interesting work with lots of diversity between them. But while some don’t think it’s so important anymore, it was clear by the craftsmanship who’s had professional training and who hasn’t. That’s all I’m saying. Day One? Done! DAY TWO

Winona is wearing FENDI


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