NYFW September 2020 – Day Three

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Without the after-show parties and late night dinner events that usually go on during Fashion Week, I actually looked forward to coming home last night, opening a bottle of vino and watching more collection presentations online. I’m excited for the industry! But I’m scared, too. We’re watching the live fashion show die right in front of our eyes. MARINA MOSCONE produced a lovely short film on the creative process of her collection. And while COCHENG gave us sweet little garments in a traditional catwalk presentation, BEVZA got so deep into artsy fartsy movie mode that I forgot where I was. Is this Fashion Week? Or Sundance?

Did you catch The Met’s online convo with Iman, Naomi C. and Bethann Hardison last week? How much fun did they have talking about the days when catwalks were a fucking rainbow of diversity? Things are changing though. And not a moment too soon. I joined an online conversation with Caline Hiyakawa of the New York Times along with Jeremy Fellows of the Bullseye Agency, supermodel Tessa, makeup artist Rodney Parkerson, and hairstylist Jett Reynolds. They bitched and moaned for half an hour about the demise of live fashion and how screwed up everything is. WINONA, INC. is hurting, too. We’re all in that boat. But when I confessed how much I was enjoying the new online platform, baaa-by, you could’ve heard a cat pissing on cotton. Total silence.

At the end of our conversation, Caline asked us all to stand up and show what we were wearing below the camera. Ha! Jett was in pajama bottoms, Rodney had on an interesting pair of olive green khakis, Jeremy was in his usual cargo shorts and Tessa? Gucci thongs. But I anticipated the question and slipped into pearls and a hot CUSHNIE frock beforehand. They’ll never catch me off my game. Never ever. Day Four…


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