Opening Night at the Opera

Some say that Fall doesn’t kick off in the Apple until The Metropolitan Opera Opening Night Gala. Not me. I don’t know AIDA from Adidas and fall asleep at almost every performance. But the vibe on opening night is always so stank with snooty elegance and fat, fat wallets that I don a big gown—just give me a reason, right?— and show up for it year after year. The 2019-2020 season opened with PORGY AND BESS. This one I DO know. And I thought it kinda ballsy of them to take us to “Catfish Row”, considering the current funky state of things. But celebs like ELLEN BURSTYN, MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL, IMAN, DONNA KARAN and COURTNEY B. VANCE were out in full force and cheering. It was a sensational performance! From the first note to the last. And guess what? I didn’t fall asleep.

Iman is wearing ZAC POSEN | Winona is wearing DIOR


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