Day Four

Monday morning, 9am, we’re down in the Village for THE ROW. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson have the answer and the only distraction in their studio was yummy coffee and the clothes. As it should be. Clean. Well-tailored. Their monochromatic snakeskin pieces wore me out! Wes Gordon, presenting CAROLINA HERRERA down in Battery Park, finally got in line with her legacy. Lady-like dresses, great swing coats, a little fru-fru at times but that’s Miz Herrera. Valentina from Drag Race and Angel B. from Pose were front row and drooling. PHILLIP LIM yanked us out to a warehouse in Brooklyn. At 3pm. Right? Puppet-masters. Just pulling strings and dragging us from borough to borough. His country-club funk is always interesting, though. Artful and tastefully controlled. But I’ve got some sad-ass news to report now. For the first time ever, my darling TOM FORD has disappointed me. In spite of the clever subway venue, from the very first look, I was unmoved. Perhaps being on the throne of the CFDA isn’t such a good place for him? The bright idea of cramming so many shows into six days was one mistake. This collection, I’m afraid, is another. Sob!

Winona is wearing BRØGGER | Handbag by GELAREH MIZRAHI | Ankle boots by JIMMY CHOO



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