Ralph’s Club

RALPH LAUREN knows how to do this. He’s been doing it for a long time. Last night he rented the ballroom down on Wall Street, tagged it Ralph’s Club, and called in celebs including Cate Blanchett, Luka Sabbat, Henry Golding and Indya Moore from POSE. They served us cocktails and corned beef sandwiches. And cutie-pie Janelle Monae put on quite a performance, climbing on tables and sliding across the floor while singing Sinatra tunes. But the fashion presentation? That was the least exciting part of the night. I’ve always defended Ralph’s classics. His bugle beads and tuxedos for women. But I guess I’m snoozing on his same ol’ same ol’ now, too. We love Ralph. We do. But as luxurious as it all is, I think it’s finally time for something new.

Winona’s jacket is DOLCE & GABBANA.



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