Day One

I tell you. Miss one day and it can really throw you off. TAHARI‘s presentation on Thursday came and went at about the same time that I was making Corky’s acquaintance in the 1st precinct lock-up. But by Friday, I was back on track and happy that she joined me at JEREMY SCOTT‘s show. There were poofy, crayon-colored wigs, thigh-high boots, everything was electric, sci-fi and way outer-spacy! Offset was front row minus Cardi B. And Heidi was there, too. Full of jokes. “I leave you alone for five minutes and you get arrested??” Ha-ha bitch. Afterwards, Corky and I jetted to The Plaza for the HARPER’S BAZAAR ICON PARTY. We were both a little under dressed but that didn’t stop anybody’s curiosity about her. She smiled shyly and looked utterly adorable all evening long. Oh yes indeed. Her ho’ing days are officially over. Meet my Next Great Face.

Winona is wearing ALESSANDRA RICH



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