chanel paris ss2019 show

Normally, I don’t do the Paris shows. Falling right before or after Fashion Week in New York, I’m either way too busy or way too wiped out. But this year the timing was right to sneak in a few days. And I’m still stoked! This is the fashion that I miss back home. True couture wear. Like the VALENTINO show. Baaay-beeeee! Head designer PIERPAOLO PICCIOLO took ‘em to school this season! CELINE DION was crying. It was just one stupidly gorgeous gown after the other. And so many sistahs on the runway! Ow! MR. VALENTINO himself was in the front row. I wanted to leap from the balcony and into his lap. And then there was CHANEL. KL wasn’t in attendance. They said he was tired. And I guess so. He wore himself OUT with this collection. It was fan-fucking-tastic. My theory is, if I like the official show shoe, I’m gonna love it all. And the little bootie he showed with everything, from day wear to evening wear, was totally adorbs so I was sold from the very first dress. Now. Back to the Apple! NYFW awaits! SMOOCHES!

On the CHANEL backdrop, Winona is wearing vintage YSL. Boots by Jimmy Choo. Handbag by Delvaux


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