What She Wore During Fashion Week – The Finale


MICHAEL KORS 10AM show at Pier 17 was a snoozefest. Lots of play-play and very little working woman daywear. That’s always been his deal and you come to expect certain things from certain people, you know? Like back in the day, the ultimate reward for keeping your bod on point was rocking a genuine HERVE LEGER bandage dress that spared no mercy. Their new creative director, CHRISTIAN JUUL NIELSEN, has rebooted and brought it back! His presentation at the NOMAD HOTEL gave me new life! Which I needed later on after the one and a half hour wait for MARC JACOB’s show to start. Because they went with RIHANNA this year to close out NYFW, that bitch stalled his show on purpose. Don’t try and tell me different. And his collection? Childish and way off the beam. Mid-life crisis anyone? RIHANNA hauled us out to the BROOKLYN NAVY YARD for her SAVAGE X FENTY lingerie show. SLICK WOODS, very pregnant in pasties and a harness, was in labor supposedly and while she was tight and still looking pretty fab, some thighs we just didn’t need to see. Are we celebrating cellulite now? Really?? Girlfriend Riri was chilled and beyond during her final stroll. Tight, luscious and altogether yummy, I saw no sign of cheese in the extra LBs she’s carrying.

So there it is, doll. Another NEW YORK FASHION WEEK is done. The London shows start on Friday but without me. I’m staying put. SMOOCHES!

Winona’s handbag is by FENDI                                                            Back to the beginning…   


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