What She Wore During Fashion Week – Day Three


Started out on Saturday at 10am with SELF-PORTRAIT. Four of my girls were in the show, one was still drunk from the night before and another had a nasty bruise on her thigh. I see the need for disciplinary action now. Asses will have to be spanked. JILL STUART was at 11:00 and TIBI way downtown at 2. Her powersuits brought back fun memories and although the monochrome tops and bottoms were kinda Buffy-ish, I’d still rock ‘em. CHRISTIAN SIRIANO was at Chelsea Piers at 4pm. Leslie Jones, who I usually root for, decided to put on a show of her own. OK? But many of his pieces were worth all the noise. After chilling for a few hours, I hopped a bus for ALEXANDER WANG’s late-night traveling show. We finally ended up on a dead-end street in Brooklyn around midnight. I loved the presentation much more than the clothes but with crowds of on-lookers and both cops and bikers running security, it was a big ol’ mess. Hanging out with Kerry Washington at the #Wangfest after-party was fun, but my first show tomorrow morning is at 10am! Where’s my bed?? Day Five…

Winona is wearing Zeynep Arcay        Kerry Washington is wearing Monse         Handbag by Nita Suri


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