I Can’t With Desi Pt. 5


It’s New York Fashion Week-eve. From the backseat of the town car, I gaze out of the window as we inchity-inch up Sixth Avenue. Look. There’s Desi. He’s at Monte’s restaurant, at a patio table near the railing. With Nova. I look at my watch. It’s almost 10pm! I hop out and tell my driver to keep moving, I’ll catch up. Desi sees me coming towards them and freezes. But I focus on Nova. “What are you doing?” I ask her. “Why aren’t you at home getting yourself together for tomorrow?” Desi is glaring at me. “What’s your problem? She’ll be gorgeous tomorrow. That’s how it works when you’re twenty.” Then his smile grows wicked. “You remember, don’t you?” 

Winona is wearing Michael Kors

Pt. 6…


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