Another Rock Star?

The rock star 2

I was thirty-six and in an off-and-on-again thing with a hot young bass player for a British acid-rock band. While on holiday in London, he ran into an old girlfriend and a month later, she squeals to the press that she’s pregnant with his kid. Well. I reacted. It wasn’t pretty. The lead singer had been throwing signals my way for months so one night I let him sing me right out of my panties. And when my bass player found out, he lost his mind. He and the lead singer went at it every day during rehearsals until opening for Korn, they kicked the shit out of each other in front of 10,000 fans in Chicago. The band called it quits that night. Yeah. I Yoko’d them good. A week-long gig in Nairobi was my ticket out and I bounced the next morning at 6am. See you bee-yotches in another life!


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