The Music Video


Fashion models and music videos. Like gin and tonic, right? The perfect mix. Especially back-in-the-day, during the reign of MTV, VH-1 and BET. Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista did George Michael. Cindy Crawford did Jon Bon Jovi. And who doesn’t remember Naomi with Michael Jackson? Well I got a call too. From MILLI VANILLI. They were hot off their Best New Artist Grammy win and ARISTA RECORDS wanted me for the upcoming video. Other models were cast but I was the lead chick. And the set was stank with envy. But it was a long and rough shoot and by Day Three I was pissy and over it. So completely over it that in spite of the video never airing (you know why) and requests for me coming in from major artists, I turned them all down. Yep. Even MJ. One music video experience was enough for me.



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