What She Wore During Fashion Week FW2017 – Day Seven

MK 1.jpg

Backstage at the MICHAEL KORS show Wednesday morning, he was tickled by my en-som. His big dots are going to pop up everywhere come Spring so I wore mine early to beat the crowd. DEREK LAM’s show after lunch was intimate, colorful, serene and very grown-up. It was good prep for YEEZY at 5 over at Pier 59. He served up a less sophisticated color palette this time and more commercializing with Adidas and other logos splashed around. Me no likee. And just an FYI to the wife—Cher wants her hair back. Pronto. At 7:00, RALPH LAUREN presented at the store with an entire wall of orchids on display. It was lovely. The fashions were what we all expect from RL. Year after year. But I fear the day when they’re gone.

Winona is wearing Michael Kors. Handbag by Balenciaga. Boots by Aquazarra.

Day Seven+One


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