A Royal Bite of the Big Apple – The End


Industry chitchat all over town is not about the snowstorm. It’s Princess Bee signing with me. Winona, Inc. Her Instagram pics showcase our entire day on Wednesday, including shots of us backstage with the cast of HAMILTON. My competition took her out to lunch, maybe dinner, and made her an offer. That’s it. I got her on the catwalk, took her to a hot Broadway show and yeah, she even got laid. They whine about my so-called advantages? Well, that’s tough, bitches! I can make things happen. And sometimes, things just happen on their own. Sorry. Not sorry. Later, darlings. It’s FASHION WEEK!

Princess Bee is wearing a Chanel jacket. Winona’s blouse is by CO Collections.

previously…                                                                                               Fashion Week…                        the beginning…


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