A Royal Bite of the Big Apple Pt. 4


Time flies. It’s after four o’clock and we’re due back in the city at 5 for the RAG & BONE fittings. Marcus Wainwright is a fellow Brit. Bee will be tickled to meet him, I think. But where has she disappeared to? Stepping over bricks, fallen plaster and other undistinguishable shit—in my new suede boots!—I’m calling her phone, shouting her name and trying not to go off the rails. I’ve heard way too many dismembered-body-found-in-waterfront-warehouse stories NOT to be a little shaky. But wait…I hear something…

Winona’s skirt is by ELLERY. Boots by GIANVITO ROSSI. “Ricky” handbag by RALPH LAUREN

previously…                                                                                                                                       to be continued…


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