Judge? Not. Pt. 5


Panel 5

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE strolls in. Of all people! We side-eye each other. Mutual contempt. I’ll never get over the heat my girl Janet took after their Superbowl appearance. And how he left her to take it all alone.  It’s been twelve years but I don’t care. Some things are just unforgivable. And Andre! He could have warned a sister! Wasn’t he at Elton John’s Oscar party when JT and I had words? It was all over the gossip rags the next day. He called me a troublemaker. A has-been. And I called him a punk-ass bitch.

We’ve got bad energy. This is not good. So why is Andre lurking in the background with a smile on his face?

previously…                                                                                                                                       next…


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