Still on Holiday…

Alright. Confession time. Winona is still on holiday, hiding out at a ski lodge in Vermont, smoking cigars by the fire and watching the snow pile up and freeze over. It’s a sweet existence. But she’s got to get back to NYC. Soon. Fashion Week is less than a month away!

Skier: Pete Velisek

In the meantime, WINONA, INC. is now a lot more user-friendly! There’s a brand new drop-down menu item called THE SERIES and it puts every episode right at your fingertips. The panels are linked and move forward with one simple click on the art. TRY IT. There’s no more dicking around like last year. We’re way passed that.

And if that doesn’t blow your skirt up, we introduce another new menu item called PARTIES, PREMIERES, THE PRESS. There’s no hiding from the paparazzi lens, right? And you know our girl Winona. She doesn’t even try. So we’ll gather and post some of her out-and-about news too. Just put it all out there.

So buckle up, stay warm and be patient. She’ll finish that stogie and be back in the Apple before you can say Joya de Nicaragua.



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