It’s Happening!

TOOT TOOT! I haven’t talked much about it but, there’s been lots of WINONA, INC. activity happening behind the scenes with COLOR FARM MEDIA, the production group headed up by actor/activist Erika Alexander and businessman Ben Arnon. Since signing on to represent and pitch WINONA, INC. back in 2019, COLOR FARM MEDIA has worked non-stop to get influential eyes on our project while producing, among other things, last year’s wonderful, award-winning documentary, GOOD TROUBLE, about the late Congressman and civil-rights activist John Lewis.

Well now, they’ve teamed with WARNERMEDIA ONE FIFTY to develop scripted works for TV and guess what? WINONA, INC., the animated series, is on the roster, baby! Isn’t that wild??!

Remember how this all got started? I created the online illustrated series eight years ago to market and promote the idea of an animated series and later, published the books, WINONA, INC. Pt. I and II, as an elaborate leave-behind for potential producers. And look. It worked!

We still have lots to do before airtime but my dream of the first animated series featuring a rich, middle-aged, African-American female is finally coming true! Read all about the hookup with WARNERMEDIA ONE FIFTY here

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