Who’s Calling The Shots? – Finale


Lourdis’ leather:  inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo


9 thoughts on “Who’s Calling The Shots? – Finale

  1. I love your quick stories and snobby soap attitudes in your series, Edwina. Not to mention your extraordinary artistic talent. It would be interesting to see you get credit for product placement. Winona could be sipping a Pepsi or Akosua sporting some Fashion Fair (I know Mac and Bobbi Brown is the thing but trying to give black business some play). Since you were inspired by Ferragamo (sp), You could take it a step further and get paid for it. Geez, I’m always thinking marketing… All in all, cool stuff, Edwina.

  2. Wow! First loved this series. Second, the colors and fashion are blowing me away. Edwina you are awesome! I can’t wait to see this series on TV. Looking forward to the next series! Keep “Killing it!” as always!

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